VIII  9


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State Educational Institution

Special (Correctional) Type VIII Orphanage 9

of the Moscow South Administration   District

Our address: 15 bldg 2,  Musa Dzhalil street, 115580 Moscow, Russia;

 tel/fax: 3957355, tel. 3964215



The Orphanage 9 was opened in 1994 on the base of a typical building of day nursery - kindergarten 1053 and was called Combined Correctional Orphanage. In 2002 by the Moscow Educational Committees order it was renamed to Special (Correctional) Type VIII Orphanage  9.

The Orphanage is subordinated to the Moscow Educational Department.

The personnel of the institution works according to Constituent documents.

The institutions activity is performed by a creative well-knit team managed by Tchebotarev Nikolay Alekseyevich.

Since 2007 the Orphanage has been working in the mode of the first-level city experimental site on the subject: Individualization of a nurturing and developing environment of an institution for children left without parents` custody. Experimental work is arranged as one of the constituent parts of the institutions work as a whole.

In the experimental frameworks there is being formed a model of a social psychology-pedagogical service of an orphanage aimed at individualization of the nurturing and developing environment of an orphan child.

In the Special (Correctional) Type VIII Orphanage 9 there live and are nurtured 50 orphans at the age of 4-18 left without parents` custody. All the children have insufficient intellectual development, heath disorders related to supporting-motor and cardiovascular systems. The majority of children have come to us from socially disadvantaged families, where they had neither cordiality nor care, they needed so much.

The teams work is directed at creation of a comfortable, amiable environment for all participants of the nurturing-educative process; and conditions for forming a thoroughly harmonic personality of a nursling. In 2000 the pedagogical team of the  Orphanage was awarded the honored Synergy prize for its high rate activities .

In October 2009 the Special (Correctional) Type VIII Orphanage 9 celebrated its 15-th anniversary. For the whole working period the total of 57 graduates left the walls of our Orphanage to enter a grown-up life in the enormous world.


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